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I'm a software developer based in Georgia. I enjoy creating a variety of applications, from web applications to games. I love modding games and creating plugins for game servers.

I actively code in JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, HTML/CSS, and SQL. I am familiar with many frameworks, and easily learn new ones. Known: NodeJS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, ExpressJS, Socket.io, Discord.JS, EXILED, MariaDB, MySQL, and others.

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ChapterOrganizer was originally created by me for the Software Development competition of the 2023 GATSA State Leadership Conference. It allows you to manage student membership, take attendance, schedule meetings, send emails, and much more.


SCP:SL Exiled plugin to create event "scripts". These scripts can be set up to run once per round, multiple times per round, or by command only. This plugin is very complex and has a lot of features. However, once you understand it, the capabilities are close to endless.

BSA Troop 107 Website

The official website for Boy Scout Troop 107 (Chattahoochee Council). This website was created by me for my Boy Scout troop at the time. It is a WordPress website, and I am the administrator. I have since left the troop, so it has been left as an archive.


An archived easy to use and very powerful Discord bot with moderation, action, fun, music, and more. This was created by me and a team of other developers in the NodeJS framework Discord.JS. It featured an online dashboard and a variety of commands and features.


Open Source Music player written in NodeJS using Electron. This was a solo project, which I hope to build on in the future. It is very simple, featuring a list of all songs in a directory (set in settings) and allowed playback with shown metadata.


Want to commission, or just have a question? Feel free to email me:

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